Level 2

The marathon training program I use, Run the Edge, uses a point system to advance a runner to the next level. This week I completed four workouts to earn 29 points to move on to Level 3.

Last week I had to take a rest week because of three trips. I was too exhausted from driving across Texas for five days of the week. One of those trips was for the Texas 10 Plano race, so I did get in 10 miles, but no training. Plano was a hilly course, and I pushed it. Needless to say, my hamstrings were very sore on Monday. Of course, that pretty much guaranteed that a lot of deadlifts and squats were in my near future. No worries—I made it through my usual Camp Gladiator workout with no problems. My range of motion was near 100% on my lunges and deadlifts, and I felt great afterward. The only issue I noticed was that my tailbone is still a bit sore from the Warrior Dash in March.

Friday’s workout was 40 minutes at medium pace (4.8 mph). I had to workout in the middle of the day instead of the morning as I had originally planned. Which meant dreadmill time. The gym was really warm though, and I really worked up a sweat. I really don’t like running on the treadmill, but it beats getting heat stroke from the Texas sun.

I wasn’t even sure I would get a run in on Saturday because I volunteered at the Brazos Bend 50 ultra trail race. I signed up for two shifts and hoped that I would get at least a small 30-minute break at some point. I went ahead and dressed for running just in case I got that break, and I did indeed. It was the 14th hour of the 16-hour race that I took my run—an easy 25 minutes. I had no reception or satellite signal so I had to estimate my pace and distance.

Fartlek! I really enjoy my fartlek workouts because I get to run fast, and then slow down on purpose. Plus, it’s fun to say fartlek. My feet seemed to recover well from being wet all day Saturday, so I definitely wanted to get my last run in to move on to Level 3. The boy still had to do his mileage for the week and I had some virtual medals that needed to be earned. And with that, we were off. My plan called for 3/5/8/5/3 intervals at brisk pace with jogging in between. My brisk pace has been around 11 min/mile, and that’s what I planned for, but today I averaged 10:27 min/mile.


I thought it felt like I was working a bit harder, but attributed that to the heat and humidity. Together with my warm up and cool down, I earned my Science Matters 5K medal and 3.5 Charity Miles for Team RWB.

I cut down my running workouts to 3x this week. It seems to have worked, and I almost reached a personal best for my 5K. I might try this again next week, but substitute an easy run with strides as my third run.


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