Level 4

This week posed some challenges. In addition to my regular training workouts, I had two 10K races and a weekend trip to the hill country scheduled. I managed to complete four out of five planned workouts to earn 31 points, which means I get to progress to Level 5.

Monday means I go to my usual Camp Gladiator workout, and this week was no exception. It was a fun Tabata workout with a new trainer. I pushed myself, and I was able to complete most of the exercises; however, my tailbone continues to be an issue so sit ups and v-ups were still a no go.

I used the Esprit de She as my workout for today. I wouldn’t typically combine my races with training runs, but today’s workout called for 55 minutes at medium pace so I went with it. Keeping my pace for the 55 minutes was difficult. I started strong, but slowly lost speed, although I maintained my goal average of 12 min/mile. It was hot and humid, and at one point I felt like I might pass out. I’m not looking forward to summer running in the Texas heat. You can read more about the race in my Esprit de She race report.

Esprit de She 10K

Today’s workout called for 20 minutes at aerobic threshold (A.T.). I’m not sure I reached my threshold, but I know I didn’t exceed it as I didn’t get the numb feeling in my hands that happens when you go over. This run was also the first time I practiced what I learned at Wednesday’s form clinic. To be honest, it felt really unnatural holding my arms lower (at waist height), and I had to make a conscious effort to do so. Every time I felt my shoulders start to scrunch up, I shook out my arms, which seemed to help. Even so, I had a good run with a pace of 10:46 min/mile.

10 easy, 20 A.T., 5 easy

Today’s workout was 800-meter repeats. The first three repeats went well, but the heat started to get to me by the time I hit the fourth repeat. However, I did stay sub-10:30 even though I felt like I was running much slower. I averaged 10:07 min/mile for the repeats, which is comparable to my September fastest 800m average.

800m repeats highlighted in blue
800m repeats highlighted in blue

Also, I threw in a bit extra to make 5K for the Mother’s Day virtual run I signed up for.

Mother’s Day 5K

Again I did three runs for the week, and I continue to see improvement in my average pace. I signed up for a couple more races, and I’m looking forward to level 5.


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