Level 7, Part 2

I’m happy to say that this week went as planned. I managed to complete my four scheduled training workouts plus two trail races for a total of 29 miles. Here’s how my week went.

Monday was my usual boot camp workout, which counts toward cross training points. Afterwards I did a two-mile walk and then I ran a mile. My time was 10:33 m/m, a five second improvement from last week. Yay! Tuesday I did an easy run streak mile.

My next training run was on Wednesday. I did 70 minutes at medium pace, which translates to 5.5 miles. This is comparable to last week, so I’m pleased with the run.

The first of the two trail races I ran this week was Flash Mob Race #2 on Thursday. This one included two knee-deep water crossings. I always enjoy splashing in the water a bit, and because this was a 5K, I didn’t have to worry about my feet being wet too long. I finished the race in 38:54. Plus, I won a nice water bottle.

Friday’s workout was an easy 40 minutes (13:02 m/m).

This week’s highlight was my second race, the TROT Free Trail Race at Memorial Park in Houston. I was able to complete four loops for a total of 10.6 miles. Having my headlamp as my only light source made the course challenging, and many times I felt like I was alone out there in the woods. Just me and nature. That is until another runner zoomed by.

I finished out the week with the correct workout—1 mile at goal pace (11:27 m/m) x4 with a jog in between. Those five miles gave me the points I needed to move on to level 8.

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