2015 – It’s a Wrap!

This year I ran 863 miles and completed 39 races—11 5Ks, 1 10K, 1 quarter marathon, 7 10-milers, 9 half marathons, 1 marathon, 1 ultra marathon, and 8 other races of various distances. Additionally, I completed 7 virtual runs, 2 24-hr challenges, 2 monthly mile challenges, and a 37-day run streak. I scored five personal records (5K, 10K, half), and two milestones when I completed my first marathon and 50K. I also experienced my first DNF.

It was my intention to run fewer 5Ks this year, and I did. Still, I managed 11 road races. The ABB and Route 66 5Ks were part of double weekends (5K on Saturday, half on Sunday). The Carnival of Venice was part of a daily double with the Backcountry trail run. My cousin joined me at the Santo de Mayo and No Label. Both of those were fun. And I did the Superintendent fun run and Turkey Dash with the boy. I didn’t get to as many of the Run for Wellness free 5Ks as I would have liked, but that is where I got my PR. I’m still chasing a sub-30, and I will continue to work on that goal in 2016.

5K medals 01/17/15 ABB 5K 40:11.0
02/21/15 Superintendent Fun Run 41:48.7
02/22/15 Run for Wellness – GBP 38:24.6
03/07/15 Carnival of Venice 42:11.7
04/05/15 Run for Wellness – Heights 38:13.7
05/03/15 Run for Wellness – Heights 33:34.2
05/03/15 Santo de Mayo 56:18.0
06/20/15 No Label 39:37.0
07/26/15 Run for Wellness – GBP 37:38.0
11/21/15 Route 66 5K 42:26.0
11/26/15 Turkey Dash 35:55.0

The only 10K I ran this year was the Esprit de She, and I PR’d! I will not be training for a 10K PR in 2016, but I’ll take one if it happens.

05/07/15 Esprit de She 1:15:04.0

This was a fun run in downtown Houston. The music along the course was great, as was the post race party. I chose the quarter because I had so many other halves scheduled around the same time, but I wanted to earn the bonus medal for running R&B and Houston.

R&B Quarter marathon medal 02/15/15 Rhythm & Blues 1:24:11.6

I wish I could say I got a PR for the 10-mile distance this year, but, alas, it did not happen. I came close at Conroe, but I missed a PR by two minutes. And don’t let the 1:45 in Fort Worth fool you, that course was short by more than a mile. I did, however, improve my course times for College Station and Boerne. In the end, I finished the Texas 10 series in 6th place in age group.

10 mile medals 02/01/15 Texas 10 College Station 2:08:05.9
03/29/15 Texas 10 Boerne 2:11:22.1
04/19/15 Texas 10 Plano 2:07:15.2
09/27/15 Texas 10 Huntsville 2:22:12.4
10/23/15 Texas 10 Ft Worth 1:45:22.3
11/01/15 Texas 10 Katy 2:13:58.7
12/06/15 Texas 10 Conroe 1:57:16.3

The year started amazingly well. I PR’d three half marathons in a row—Houston, NOLA, and Katy—and I crossed off two states on my 50 states challenge list. Houston fans have always been the best crowd to run for, but NOLA was super fun because of all the runners in festive gear. The flat Katy course allowed for an impressive PR. As a counter to Katy, The Woodlands half was the worst because of bad weather and I was feeling under the weather. My first trail half was a success, as was my first mountain trail run. Night Moves and Illuminations were very different, but memorable, night runs. And of course Route 66 made it’s mark as the coldest half I’ve ever run.

Half marathon medals 01/18/15 Chevron Houston 2:45:18.0
01/25/15 RNR New Orleans 2:44:48.0
02/07/15 Katy 2:38:34.2
02/28/15 The Woodlands 3:04:02.1
03/07/15 Backcountry 3:06:30.0
09/12/15 Night Moves Trail Races 4:22:22.0
11/14/15 Franklin Mountains Trail Run 6:38:32.0
11/21/15 Route 66 Half 3:09:01.0
12/19/15 Illuminations Half 2:49:01.0

I hadn’t planned on doing this race. I had originally wanted to do the half marathon, but I couldn’t resist the 30-hour time limit. And the race director talked me into doing the full. My goal was to finish in eight hours or better. I think I made that goal. Next year, who knows? I may go for the 100.

Marathon medal 12/12/15 Brazos Bend 100 7:42:43

I have to admit I was nervous and a tad scared to do this one. But with two months of heat training and distance training up to 40 kilometers, all I had to do was trust the training. I stuck to my running plan, and it worked out for me. I went way over my time goal, but I finished. Many didn’t.

Ultra marathon medal 08/22/15 Habanero Hundred 50K 18:39:11

The other races I ran were local trail races including two Flash Mob series and the TROT timed race. These were free, chip-timed races and great training for the trail races that were to follow. Of the virtual races I completed, the most memorable one was the one I did with Kathmandu at Chichen Itza. Mexico is a great place to run.

And that’s a wrap!

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