Week 1 Workouts 

I officially started training for the Habanero Hundred 50K on Monday, May 2. Last year I only heat trained for the race because my goal was to finish within the 30-hour time limit. It took me 18 hours to cross the finish line (see race report). This year, I have a different goal. This time I will be racing for time. So I started a 50K training plan that includes long runs, medium effort runs, and hills. I plan to start my heat training in June, though Texas may have different ideas about that.

On to the workouts.

Monday, May 2: Mondays are rest days or cross training. Usually I take my rest days, but because this was day 1, I decided to go to boot camp after work. Then I made it official by signing up for the 50K. No turning back now!

Day 1: Camp Gladiator

Tuesday, May 3: I did my first run on the new plan—an easy 45 minutes on the treadmill before work. After work, I did another Camp Gladiator boot camp. I felt pretty good after both workouts, so I think I will stick with double workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Day 2: 45 min, easy

Wednesday, May 4: Wednesdays are set aside for hilly runs. Sadly, a hilly run did not happen this week. I blame it on the toxic peanut butter (and banana sandwich) I ate for my pre-workout snack. Toxic food, not a good idea. It wasn’t made any better by the fact that I had eaten half a head of cabbage for lunch. I spent the next 16 hours regretting my life choices. That evening my stomach was cramping so much that I dreamt I was in labor! LOL!

Note to self: Eating half a head of cabbage is not a good idea. Also, check peanut butter before eating it.

Thursday, May 5: No run today. By the time my alarm went off Thursday morning, I could barely move. However, I was feeling much better by late morning, and I was able to get myself together and go to work. Afterward, I went to boot camp. I took it a bit easy though.

Day 4: Camp Gladiator

Friday, May 6: Feeling 100%, I decided to do a make up run instead of taking a rest day. I was able to get five miles around campus before work. The weather was amazing! And campus is really pretty in the morning. I saw several deer, a raccoon, and a variety of birds. I altered my planned route to include a quick stop at the UHCL wetlands that my department installed a few years ago.

Day 5: 60 min, easy

Saturday, May 7: Long run day! This week was 10 miles. I ran the trails near my neighborhood, as my favorite parks are still flooded from the rains we got several weeks ago, but I left late and got caught in the dark with no headlamp. Thankfully I had my trusty iPhone flashlight and it was a route I’m familiar with. I also used this training run as my run for the Texas 10 Sienna virtual race.

Day 6: Long run, easy

Sunday, May 8: Mother’s Day. That’s all.

My week didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was still a good week. Next week looks to provide it’s own challenges, but I’ll tackle those as I get to them.

Just keep running!

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