Weeks 2 & 3

Two so-so weeks yielded a measly 15 miles. No hills, no speed work, no long runs. Still, I did manage a few good runs and work outs during week 2.

Week 2

Monday, May 9: Again, I did a run on Monday instead of taking the rest day so that I could make up Sunday’s 60-min medium pace run on the treadmill before work. I don’t really care to run on the treadmill, but it’s my best option on work days. The ONE thing I DO like about the treadmill is that I can keep a steady pace throughout a run. And I can adjust the incline to my heart’s content. OK, two things I like about the treadmill.

60 min, medium

Tuesday, May 10: I must have been too exhausted from Monday because I slept through my alarm, missing my morning run. No big deal, though. I was able to leave work early because of all the hours I have been putting in. I started my run at 5:40 p.m., and boy was it HOT! My temperature gauge read 91°F. After my run I did Camp Gladiator. That was a mistake. I was so hot and drained, that I barely made it through boot camp. I am definitely counting this as heat training. Phew!

60 min, easy

Thursday, May 12: Thursday was a beautiful disaster. I slept through my alarm again, which meant I had to do my run after boot camp. Well, it turns out boot camp was moved to another location because of impending rain, and I didn’t get the memo. By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too late to make it to the new location in time. So, I ran. I used the White Oak Bayou route from Stude Park to downtown Houston. The wildflowers along the trail were amazing and plentiful. I made a quick stop on campus for some water before turning around and heading back to the park. About 50 minutes into my run, it started to sprinkle. The cool drops felt good, a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. Then the rain started to come down. Hard. I didn’t have a cap to keep the rain off my glasses, but I continued to run, head down. I really didn’t want to cut my run short so in the rain I ran. When the lightning got too close for comfort, I called it a night. I was soaked to the bone, but happy.

75 min, easy

And that’s it for week 2. I missed three runs this week because of a fabulous girl’s weekend.

Week 3

Monday, May 16: I did a boot camp after work in an effort to thwart the consequences of my overindulgent weekend. It didn’t help. I spent the rest of the week recovering.

Camp Gladiator Hermann Park

With this rest week over, I really need to get back on track. I’ve missed too many of my long runs, and Habanero won’t care about that!


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