Week 4 Workouts

This week went well despite some minor struggles. Overall it was great to be back to a solid workout schedule.

Monday, May 23: I decided to do a short run Monday morning because I was going to be celebrating the boy’s 16th birthday in the evening. And in this family, that means Mexican food and traditional Key lime pie from House of Pies. So to mitigate the festivities, I did a 5K Fartlek run before work. I went with 5 min at medium pace, 2-3 min jog for a total of 43 minutes. That seemed to work well though I played around a bit toward the end because of treadmill boredom. With that taken care of, I was able to fully enjoy the boy’s birthday.

Fartlek 5K

Tuesday, May 24: I am so not a morning person. I wish I was because then I wouldn’t have to do two workouts in a row. On the bright side, I did get to run outdoors instead of on the treadmill. Can’t complain about that! Anywho, boot camp went well. We had our fit test this week, and in four weeks we shall see how I improve. Afterward, I did the standard run along White Oak Bayou. It was a good run at easy pace. I even managed negative splits!

Boogie On!

Wednesday, May 25: I finally got the chance to attend the weekly Team RWB group run after several off weeks. I started with a warm-up 5K to arrive at our meeting point. That warm-up was more like a trek through the hot jungles of Panama! The heat and humidity were relentless. My pace was super slow at 16:28 min/mi, but the scenery was beautiful. Wildflowers were blooming all along the hillside.

Do you know this flower?

What’s not to love about hill repeats? It had been quite some time since I’d run any hills, and it showed. After a short break, I met up with a fellow Eagle for our weekly workout. I had already warmed up, so we did a short warm-up run before tackling the hill. I ran five repeats before my glutes protested. A longer cool down and we were done.

Hill repeats

Thursday, May 26: I didn’t do my run today, but I did get a foam rolling session and a hot Camp Gladiator session. We had camp in a parking garage because of rain, but I was still soaked to the bone by the time we were done.

Airrosti knows where it hurts

Friday, May 27: Rest day!

Saturday, May 28: Oh, boy. The good news is that I did an eight-mile run. The bad news is that I didn’t do my planned 16-mile run. I started out at 6:45 pm, but it was still so hot out (86°F). I ran out of water before I hit five miles, and I usually don’t take in any liquids before six miles. Plus, my tummy started feeling upset. Luckily, there is a Kroger pretty close to my route and I was able to make a pit stop before continuing. Even so, I was only able to go another three miles before calling it quits. I ended up having to phone a friend to pick me up and drive me home. But while I was waiting for rescue, I threw in some strides.

Long run, easy

Sunday, May 29: What a difference 12 hours and five degrees make! Sunday morning I woke up feeling great. I started my run at 8:15 am this time with temps at 81°F. To say the difference was like day and night is an understatement, though quite literal. My planned workout was one hour at medium effort. This morning medium effort meant an average pace of 12:15 m/m. It was a good run.

60 min, medium

I ran 26 miles this week. That’s a start, but I really need to get in gear and get my miles in if I’m going to be ready for Habanero.

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