2017: Week 1 Workouts

Ah, the new year always brings the promise of a fresh start. And that’s exactly how I’m treating 2017. A fresh start to accomplish big goals, run more, get healthy, make better food choices, and reduce body fat. Yes, body fat is my biggest foe, as far as running is concerned. So, I will be tackling that in the first half of the year. Starting with week 1, which went very well. I completed all the workouts for my new training plan and attended three boot camp sessions.

The Workouts

Monday, January 2
UHCL WetlandsI woke up to some wild thunderstorms so I put off my morning run, but the sun was shining by lunchtime. Luckily, the rain didn’t leave too many puddles, so I was able to do my 30-min kickoff run on campus. For cross training, I got in a boot camp session after work. After taking December off, I was very sore by the time I got home.

Tuesday, January 3
Today was my first scheduling challenge. I had a Native Plant Society board meeting after work, so I opted to do boot camp in the morning. That left me with little time for a run because I didn’t want to be all sweaty and stinky for the meeting. So, I took the rest day. Probably the best idea as I was super sore from the two days of boot camp. I’m not sure a running workout would have been wise.

Wednesday, January 4
Benchmark Run 1The benchmark run. I wasn’t sure how this would go because I was still quite sore from boot camp, but I was pleasantly surprised. A benchmark run consists of a seven-minute warm up, running three minutes at a hard, consistent pace, and a five-minute cool down. I ran the three minutes at 8:39 m/m, which is an improvement from my previous benchmark. Yay! It’s always great to see progress.

Thursday, January 5
Taylor Lake Village ParkAnother run at lunchtime. This time I went to a nearby park that I discovered a couple of months ago. It’s a great place, not crowded at lunch, and only about 10 minutes from the university. It’s great for my shorter runs, like today’s 30-minute recovery run. After work, I went to my usual T/Th boot camp location in Nassau Bay. We did a lot of lower body work, including the “Bring Sally Up” squat challenge. I’d never heard of the challenge or song, but the idea is to squat and hold on “bring Sally down” and stand on “bring Sally up.” Because booty. The song would never end, and we got quite the workout! As a bonus, my new road shoes arrived. I can’t wait to wear them out.

Friday, January 6
Who needs gloves when you have fuzzy socks?With all three cross training sessions out of the way, I was able to just run and relax. Friday was an easy 30-min recovery run. I tried a new thumb and hand position, and, lo and behold, my entire form improved! That simple change caused my shoulders to relax, my arms to drop down (no more T-rex arms!), and my posture was more upright. I felt really great. The cold weather also helped a lot. So much so that I ran a much faster pace that still felt “easy.”

Saturday, January 7
New ShoesNew shoe run! I love breaking in a new pair of shoes. And these got here just in time to break them in for my 5K on January 14. I found my shoes—Mizuno Wave Rider 19—on sale for $61 (from $120). I had a $20 gift card, and the site had free shipping! At $41, that’s quite a deal. I already run in these shoes, but my old pair was so worn out, I think they may have been responsible, at least partially, for my plantar fasciitis. Anywho, the new shoes felt great on my 30-min recovery run. New shoes, good weather, and new thumb position all make for a fantastic run.

Sunday, January 8
Chase the SunFor my scheduled long run, I ran Ragnar’s Chase the Sun event with the Bay Area Running Club in Seabrook. I was scheduled for 45 minutes, but I had to run to the pier to see the sunrise. I ended up with six miles, though I only recorded 5.5 miles because my watch took a while to get satellite reception. The Seabrook Hike & Bike trails are fantastic, and I’m so glad I woke up extra early to make the run.

Coming Up

Next week will be a light week because I’m going for a PR at the ABB 5K.


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