2017: Week 2 Workouts

I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare.
—Maya Angelou

My focus this week was prepping for the ABB 5K, the first race of 2017. That means I took a lot of rest days leading up to the race.

The Workouts

Monday, January 9
Complete rest day. Typically, I would cross train even if I’m not running, but today I had a Native Plant Society meeting.

Tuesday, January 10

Taylor Lake Village Park
Seen on my run, Taylor Lake Village Park

Being that I’m trying to save my legs for Saturday, I did the last hard workouts of the week. I did a 10-minute tempo run during lunchtime—clocked one mile at 10:13 m/m. Then I did a boot camp session after work. Our trainer put us through a lot of lower body work, because booty.

Wednesday, January 11
I took another rest day, but the boy and I ended up walking to and from Cici’s Pizza for dinner. We walked 5.5 miles, at a leisurely pace.

Thursday & Friday, January 12 & 13
Complete rest days. Friday evening I prepped my gear for the race. TROT ambassador shirt, sparkle skirt, and new Mizuno Wave Riders were ready to go by bed time.

Saturday, January 14


Race day! You can read about the race in my race report. Long story short, I did not get my 5K PR, but I did set a 1 mile PR.

Sunday, January 15
Volunteering at the Houston Marathon with Team Red, White and Blue. I woke up super early to get to the 6.5 mile aid station. As soon as I arrived, it was work, work, work. We set up thousands of cups with Gatorade, stacked four tiers high for the 18,500+ athletes. When that was done, we walked over to the water tables and did it all over again. Finally it was time for the runners to start, and slowly they started trickling by. First the wheelchair athletes, then the visually impaired athletes. Then the elite athletes flew by, not even stopping. Finally, the remaining athletes started to arrive. Many people did not stop because they had their own fuel, but we still gave out a lot of Gatorade because of the heat and high humidity. That’s a Texas winter for you.

Team RWB at the Chevron Houston Marathon
Team RWB at the Chevron Houston Marathon

After volunteering I headed home to clean up—Gatorade is sticky!—and do my long run. My legs still weren’t fully recovered from Saturday, but I was able to push through 45-minutes at an easy pace—3.5 miles at 12:57 m/m. The rain that threatened all weekend finally came down on me as I ran. I do enjoy running in the rain.


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