2017: Week 3 Workouts

If you can dream it, with intention, you can do it.
—Deepak Chopra

The Workouts

Monday, January 16
Active rest day. I officially changed my rest days to Monday rather than Fridays as my training plan originally specified. So, today I did a four-mile trail walk with the boy. It was really nice to check out the trails along Bear Creek. There has been construction going on and the trail has been inaccessible for some time, but it seems to be clear now and in good condition. This trail gives me just over seven miles, which is great when I need to stay close to home.

Tuesday, January 17

Camp Gladiator Nassau Bay
Camp Gladiator Nassau Bay – Photo by Trainer Ashley Tomi

I’m back at it. Today was a recovery day of 2.25 miles at easy pace. This was my first time running Howard L. Ward Park, and I discovered that one full loop of the park trail and boardwalk is exactly 0.75 miles. This is great to know for future runs, and running along the water’s edge was refreshing and peaceful. Afterward, I did a boot camp session down the street at Nassau Bay City Park. This time is was upper body and arm work. By the end, I had Jello arms.

Wednesday, January 18
Today’s training run was three miles at 12:15 average pace, but I had a hard time keeping steady. It was a cool day, so of course I started out too fast (11:20 m/m). Then I went too slow on the second mile (12:35). And my last mile I ran even faster than the first (11:02)! The ideal workout is run in negative splits that average out to your target pace. That is, the first mile, in this case, is slower than average pace, the second mile at average pace, and the final mile above average pace. I just couldn’t keep it together today. My pace was all over the place. In the end I ran an average pace of 11:45 m/m.

Thursday, January 19

CG Nassau Bay
Camp Gladiator Nassau Bay – Photo by Trainer Ashley Tomi

No running today, just a boot camp session.

Friday, January 20
Complete rest day and race prep. Prepping for a trail run is a bit different than prepping for a road race. The shoes are different, and I pack two or three pairs because you never really know the conditions you’ll be running in. Road races, you pretty much know. Roads are basically the same anywhere you run. And, as it turns out, we had heavy rains throughout the week so chances are Saturday’s race will be a mud fest. I also pack my “toe kit.” That includes Trail Toes (blister prevention foot cream), Rock Tape (for wrapping my big and pinky toes), toe pads for my big toes, and blister care items. I also use a hydration pack, which I don’t ever use on road races. This time I’ll be wearing my new Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2. I’m hoping it will work better than “Little Nate,” my Nathan hydration vest.

Saturday, January 21

Ready to get me one of these!
Got myself one of these!

I came. I slid. I conquered. Twenty-five muddy kilometers done! This was the hardest course I have ever completed. She had me on my knees more than once, but I never gave up. I have redeemed myself. You can read about my experience in my Horseshoe Trail Run race report.
Nature: 1; Debbie 1

Sunday, January 22
Total rest day. Everything hurts, especially my calves.

After the not-so-pleasant experience that was the Horseshoe Trail Run, I have decided to never run Jack Brooks Park ever again. I’m done.


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