Texas 10 Series – Boerne 2017

Boerne, Texas
January 29, 2017

The Texas 10 Series begins in Boerne. It is a great place to run at this time of year. And this year, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was a bit chilly at packet pick-up, but perfect for running.

I arrived at Boerne High School about thirty minutes before race time. I stayed at a friend’s house the night before, very close to the venue, so I didn’t have to wake up too early, which was nice. There was no waiting at packet pick-up at that time (always a plus). These races are a bit smaller than your typical half or full marathon so close parking is always available, and there’s no need to drop off items at the bag drop. I walked back to my car to drop off the swag and put on my bib, and then stayed in my car to keep warm. I don’t like to run in a jacket, so being able to be close enough to see the start while I kept warm in my car was perfect.

Running the course
Texas 10 Boerne

With about five minutes to race time, I made my way to the start line, and began warming up. Normally I would warm up way ahead of time, but I was not planning on racing hard so I figured 5-10 minutes would be enough. It was.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the course. I knew it was a new course with only one small section from previous years (this was the fourth year in Boerne), but I’d only seen an overview map.

Turns out it was a good course, but nothing special. It wasn’t as scenic as the first two years, and not as hilly–not a bad thing. At one point, however, a homeowner came out and yelled at us because we woke her up!

Shut Up!

It was a beautiful morning for a road race. Not too cold, not too hot. I didn’t over heat, but I did slow down around mile 9. Even so, I hit my mile splits consistently, and pretty much had even splits for the two five-mile loops (58:48; 59:00).

Boerne Splits

The Rundown

Training, consistency, and cooler weather all came together to net me a course PR by 14 minutes. Funny thing is, I wasn’t even going for one. With the Horseshoe tearing up my legs last weekend, I wasn’t ready to push it, and I ran the 10 miler as my long run. I guess those Camp Gladiator workouts are paying off!

The Good:

  • Boerne is a great place to visit and run
  • Great finisher medals
  • Race day packet pick-up–a must for out-of-towners
  • Drawing for cash prizes
  • At least three aid stations per loop
  • Complimentary hi-res race photo

Things to improve:

  • The company still has not gotten their shirt sizing down right. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but you may not be able to wear your race shirt. Or it may be a pajama.

Things that have improved:

  • Communication from customer service. My biggest complaint with this company in the past has been communication, or lack thereof. If you had no problems, then it was good. If you had a problem, good luck to you. It would take weeks, even months and multiple attempts to get anyone to respond. Now they appear to have hired new staff, and communication has been much better.

I will continue to support the Texas 10 series. It’s my favorite road race distance, and there aren’t too many 10 milers around. I do hope with the changes the company continues to grow and we can have some more races outside of the Houston area.


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