Hello, June!

June is going to be a great month. I can feel it in the air. No, wait, that’s just the humidity. Anywho, here are a few fun events I’m involved with to help get me through the heat, and my June goals. If you’d like, please join me!


The majority of Runner’s World run streak happens in June. This is a great tool for staying motivated and getting the miles in. From Memorial Day to Independence Day, runners are challenged to start (or continue) a running streak of at least one mile day. That’s 36 days of awesome!

36-day Run Streak



This challenge, put on by Old Guy Running’s Challengeville, is why I need that running streak. It’s 200 miles in 30 days. I’ve made two attempts to complete this challenge this year. Third time’s the charm?




This is a fun little scavenger hunt/running game hosted by Run Chat on Twitter. You have all month to find 10 items during your runs. Items range from easy to find (basketball hoop, picnic table) to a bit more challenging (donut shop, selfie with police officer). This will be fun!

Running Scavenger Hunt


June Goals

And now for my goals. Again, I’m going to keep them simple this month because of everything I have going on. I will continue to track macros (this has been working in the weight loss department – more on that later), cross train two times a week (as part of my 50K training plan), and run 200 miles.


June Goals

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